A faster, more powerful way to run your leveraged credit business.

With LevPro, modern investment teams have the tools they need to level up their analysis, improve their productivity, and streamline their processes.

Leverage your data to work delightfully.


Outdated systems hold investment teams back from their true potential.

LevPro optimizes and streamlines the behind-the-scenes processes for cutting-edge investment teams.

In a fast-paced investment world, clunky, outdated systems saddle managers with technical debt that gets repaid with wasted time and missed opportunities.

LevPro Dashboard is key to helping you run your leveraged credit business more powerfully.


Here's How It Works

LevPro's native real-time collaboration keeps the team in sync.


Native real-time collaboration keeps the team in sync, allowing for traders, portfolio managers, research analysts, and office admin staff to perform tasks the right way. From quick allocations to our order management system, LevPro makes data accessible to anyone who needs it.

LevPro is built on artificial intelligence to leverage technology in an otherwise dated market.

Artificial Intelligence

In this market, the trading is still done over the phone or on IM, without tickers or unique identifiers. Our artificial intelligence platform leverages technology to make the software feel like you're dealing with another investment professional, not an inflexible computer with rigid rules.

LevPro is a SaaS platform that allows professionals to have a hub of centrally managed data.


As a SaaS platform, LevPro allows professionals to have a hub of centrally managed data that can automate menial tasks wherever possible. The goal? To help investment teams to work in peak organization and with increased efficiency, using one-click technology to amplify opportunity and increase workflow.


"Entering a trade into LevPro takes 5% - 10% of the time it takes to enter [our current solution] and I can do it real time in a matter of seconds.
— Trader
“I am in awe of the search [function], very well done. I would imagine my initial reaction was similar to those lucky few that were able to beta GPT-3!”
— Senior Analyst
“Looking at this, I see how bad [our current solution] is. It’s not even close.”
— Trading Assistant
“You all were able to take an incredibly messy dataset and make it totally user-friendly.”
— Senior Analyst
“Entering a trade into LevPro takes 5% - 10% of the time it takes to enter into [our current solution] and I can do it real time in a matter of seconds.”
— Trader
“I have to do allocations manually in excel and then upload them to the system. Our [current solution] can’t do any of this stuff.”
— Trading Assistant
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LevPro testimonials arrow 2


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