Product Updates

Our goal is to make the product better every single day. Here are some of the larger changes that you may notice:
5/22/2023The Model Portfolio tool now lets you override Bid/Ask and/or Entry Price.
5/19/2023Moody's Industry was added to the Screener and Portfolio Construction.
5/18/2023Sell from holdings - now allows you to specify a per Family post % as a shortcut.
5/17/2023New API endpoint for compliance Restricted Lists.
5/16/2023The IR CRM tool has a new spreadsheet view allowing choices of columns, sorts, orders, etc.
5/15/2023The bulk OMS importer now handles full Trade details (including Counterparty and allocation).
5/12/2023CSA is now shown on the Security description page.
5/11/2023The new Cash Manager links to an Expected Paydowns viewer that allows custom percents by Fund.
5/10/2023Workflows can now save Security level UDFs on either primary or secondary deals.
5/9/2023The new version of Cash Manager allows Expected Paydowns to be in different percents (not just 100%).
5/8/2023Added Allocation level Settle Dates to the Allocations Dashboard (in addition to Trade leve).
5/3/2023Nightly reports can now be run in Excel format, and can be run ad-hoc from the Report Preferences page.
4/27/2023The YAS calculator now shows cashflows, including base rates and CSAs.
4/24/2023Our YAS calculator now lets you specify a custom maturity and takeout price.
4/22/2023Every Security now has an Audit page that compares our data vs. client's backend data.
4/21/2023We now support holdings information coming from two (or more) backend systems.
4/20/2023The OMS Order Generator has an optimized MV mode.
4/19/2023New Compliance rules for PIK, Cov-Lite, Defaulted, Seniority, Coupon Frequency and Fixed vs. Floating.
4/12/2023Security and Issuer amounts are now shown in the lightning bar autocomplete results.
4/11/2023Automatic compliance tests for Position Limits are created when the UDF is set on a Security or Issuer.
3/31/2023Restricted List names can now be specific to a particular Fund.
3/30/2023You can now select and send Trade Optimization ideas into a Hypo Scenario.
3/29/2023All averages on the Holdings and Model Portfolio screens are now weighted averages.
3/28/2023The new Trade Allocation UI now has a button to pop up all existing holdings of this Issuer Group.
3/27/2023The new Trade Allocation UI now has a switch to allow users to Force Rounding or Force No Rounding if you don't want our default treatment for a specific Trade.
3/26/2023New SMS Bot features: you can now view trades, news, chat and holdings specific to an Issuer.
3/25/2023Rounding will not happen on Current Ratio trades for Loans, although bonds still honor min increments.
3/24/2023Admins can now delete a running Workflow so that a new/different version can be started.
3/20/2023Workflow Tasks now let people record a Vote, even after a majority has made it move to another step.
3/17/2023You can now "sell all" when creating an Order to have the system pull in the position size.
3/16/2023The Restricted List will now flag anything within an Issuer Group, even newly added entities.
3/15/2023Added Weighted Avg Maturity to the Trade Impact tool.
3/13/2023The Screener will no longer truncate results if one of your filters is "I Own".
3/11/2023Recent Activity is now divided into Internal, External, or All.
3/10/2023We rebuilt our Feed for better performance and usability.
3/9/2023The Screener can now be configured to show Fund exposures in % as well as $.
3/9/2023Fund Dashboards now show exposures by Ratings Buckets, Coupons, and Sponsor.
3/8/2023Person Custom Columns can now be limited to a specific User Group.
3/7/2023Our WSO integrations now work with WSO Hosted Admin as well as WSO Web.
3/5/2023The CRM tool can be configured to sync contacts and interactions in from HubSpot.
2/25/2023Investors By Fund now has a download to Excel button.
2/24/2023New IR Investor Dashboard shows deals a client is in with metrics and top exposures.
2/22/2023Added a way to track whether CRM follow-ups are completed, highlighting the unhandled count.
2/21/2023Added Ask price to Fund/Model Portfolio dashboards.
2/18/2023Clients can now choose to include the most recent Pipeline or New Issue metrics in Screener results.
2/17/2023Most screens now have a ? next to the title that will link to page-specific User Guide.
2/16/2023Our pre-trade compliance engine rule builder can now handle Custom UDFs in calculations.
2/15/2023Added Median Move (alongside Mean Average) to Movers report.
2/14/2023Added Analyst as a column in Model Portfolio viewer.
2/13/2023Added an index page to our latest public LevPro Company News.
2/11/2023Added Ratings as a new Auto Tag that we'll set for relevant chat threads.
2/10/2023Update the Model Portfolio page to show key metrics with real time updates.
2/9/2023New API endpoint for Portfolio With Metrics.
2/8/2023You can now make edits to a Trade and delete it at the same time.
2/7/2023In Workflow you can now vote for options besides Approve/Reject over email.
2/6/2023Added weights to Fund Holdings view.
2/4/2023New in Beta, a CRM system custom made for Investors in CLOs and SMAs.
2/3/2023Added Issuer DES, Holdings, and Activity buttons to the Axe spreadsheet view.
2/2/2023You can now add an Alert for any time a Custom Column value has changed.
1/28/2023Added % publicly traded names to Fund Metrics.
1/27/2023Added new API endpoints for Portfolios and Portfolios With Holdings.
1/26/2023Added Export To Excel from the OMS Order Generator tool.
1/25/2023Added Financials to the Model Portfolio viewer.
1/24/2023You can now set your preferred starting page in your profile settings.
1/20/2023When editing financials manually, grey out and auto-skip formula based rows.
1/19/2023Added weighting to Model Portfolio viewer.
1/18/2023Added Analyst as a column to the Trade Blotter.
1/17/2023The OMS Merge Orders tool will automatically show up when you have multiple of the same Security/Direction.
1/13/2023Show directly links to S&P LoanX data.
1/12/2023Show tranche size on Model Portfolio view.
1/11/2023Best Ideas now support Custom Columns (UDFs).
1/9/2023Best Ideas can now be migrated to another analyst.
1/5/2023Add Excel download option for vs. Index screens.
12/27/2022WSO clients can now specify what accounting treatment to use (FIFO/LIFO/Avg Cost).
12/23/2022Direct links to Moody's and S&P ratings pages per Security or Issuer.
12/22/2022Order Generator can now match Market Value as well as Par amounts.
12/21/2022Comments are now shown threaded into Trade/Order history.
12/19/2022Add FIGI to Screener and Holdings
12/17/2022new Alert available for Chat Posts.
12/16/2022Security Screener now displays (and allows searches by) Ask yields.
12/15/2022Okta Single Sign On is now available.
12/14/2022Bulk Import of OMS Orders can now include a quick allocation for each line item.
12/13/2022Chat posts via email can now link themselves to an existing thread by including its URL.
12/12/2022Analysts are now synced between New Issue deals and linked Pipeline deal teams.
12/7/2022New live Intraday Movers.
12/6/2022Add SP Recovery (new style) to the holdings screen.
12/5/2022Action Buttons can now show custom labels and have custom actions when disabled (Primary Calendar can show workflow status, for example)
11/30/2022Financials now supports multiple custom sources, such as Canalyst.
11/25/2022New Alert available that lets you get notified when a Restricted List name that was "unknown" becomes matched in the system.
11/19/2022Add position amount to Pipeline grids.
11/18/2022Credit Chat posts will be undeleted if somebody revives it by replying to it (otherwise it was hidden).
11/14/2022Add links to Issuer page from Screener.
11/9/2022Trade Allocation screens show a running total and highlight when the full trade has not been allocated yet.
11/8/2022Compliance results now show cushion amounts.
11/3/2022WSO Web integration now allows Positions to be refreshed live at any time.
10/31/2022VCON integration now supports MUNI bonds.
10/30/2022The Workflow Owner can now be changed.
10/29/2022First version of a Findox restricted list integration is in Beta.
10/29/2022Order amounts and any Order Custom Columns are now sent out with Trade webhook callbacks.
10/28/2022Users can now update their own profile (name and cell phone).
10/27/2022WSO Trade-In integration now supports mapping our UDFs to their UDFs.
10/26/2022Financials pages now have a Download To Excel button.
10/26/2022Movers/Winners/Losers searches can now specify currency.
10/21/2022LTM financials can be configured to show most recent [N] LTM reports or most recent [N-1] Annuals with latest LTM at the end.
10/20/2022Financial Metrics now support formulas like: enterpriseValue / ebitda if periodType = 'annual' else ''
10/20/2022Automated WSO Trade Reconcile for shared clients.
10/19/2022Added a button to Clear All Alerts on the top right bar.
10/18/2022VCON parsing now works with TOMS generated VCONs.
10/17/2022New Trade Optimizer shows you the best trades you can make to optimize a variable number of constraints.
10/14/2022Workflow Tasks can now send emails and post chats on completion, not just when starting.
10/13/2022You can now run any custom code as a compliance rule.
10/11/2022Financials tester now allows you to permanently save results if you're happy with them.
10/10/2022Financials formulas can now include if/else logic.
10/8/2022Added Quick Allocations to Hypo order creation.
10/7/2022Moodys Adj Rating and WARF are now columns in Holdings.
10/7/2022Custom Columns now have a Description field that will be shown as a popup, if one is specified.
10/6/2022Trades now track their "slippage" from the mark, which can be used in compliance rules.
10/5/2022Agent Bank added to Security Screener fields.
10/4/2022Fund Metrics now show Weighted Avg Moodys and S&P Recovery Rates.
10/3/2022External link Custom Columns will now be disabled if there is no value set for that specific object.
10/2/2022The REST API now can include Custom Columns for all key data types.
10/1/2022Positions (including by Security) can now be used in Workflow emails or automated Chat posts.
9/30/2022Our VCON parser now works better with TOMS generated VCONs.
9/28/2022Initial integration with Findox links our Issuer pages to theirs.
9/27/2022New API endpoint to list all Sponsors in the system.
9/23/2022You can now drag and drop embedded data fields when designing workflow tasks.
9/21/2022Added Moody's and S&P Recovery to Screener results.
9/17/2022New Pipeline field "Days In Current Workflow Stage" helps you find out when something needs to be actioned.
9/16/2022New right click button for recent Chats in New Issue, Screen, Holdings, OMS, Trade Blotter, etc.
9/15/2022You can now hide Funds from allocation screens to reduce clutter (liability funds, legacy funds in runoff, etc).
9/14/2022Workflow Tasks can now post messages to Credit Chat.
9/13/2022Security Screener now includes a column for Analyst Coverage.
9/9/2022Users in the Research group can now delete FinReports.
9/8/2022When you paste from excel we now maintain the full formatting.
9/7/2022The Holdings screen has a big red STALE warning if you're not looking at the most recent Positions.
9/6/2022The Middle Office trade dashboard can now be a scheduled nightly report.
9/2/2022Pipeline Deals now maintain their own list of Sponsors, rather than displaying whatever the current list is for that Issuer.
8/30/2022WSO integration clients now get an automatic nightly Trade Reconciliation run.
8/29/2022The Middle Office trade dashboard now gives warnings before sending downstream if duplicates, missing data, etc.
8/26/2022New role for Operations to restrict the set of people who can send a Trade downstream.
8/24/2022Financial metrics can now be formulas based on other metrics.
8/22/2022You can now undelete a Pipeline deal.
8/19/2022We now show live stock charts for public companies.
8/17/2022Added a grid to view your uploaded custom Financial models across issuers.
8/16/2022Theme tags can now be customized per client
8/15/2022New source for bond reference data provides more details and earlier nightly pricing.
8/9/2022New Financials email inbox lets you import a model simply by forwarding it to us.
8/8/2022The OMS now has a button to see recent Trades ->
8/5/2022New Compliance Role to protect adding to the Restricted List. Also allows users to set Compliance Approval on Trades.
8/3/2022Added a link to the Security description page from Holdings By Fund.
8/1/2022Show Custom Columns on the Order details page.
7/29/2022You can now add a list of cc: emails in Alerts.
7/28/2022Add YTM to the New Issue Calendar list.
7/28/2022Add YTW to yield calculator and search screens.
7/27/2022All grids now have an easier way to see active filter and to remove them.
7/25/2022Issuer Financials can now be seen in any Workflow Task alongside Custom Column data.
7/23/2022Issuer Financials now include automatic roll-ups of LTM and YTD periods from quarterlies/monthlies.
7/9/2022Workflow Tasks can now be assigned to a Deal Team (and similar groups for other data types).
7/8/2022Mobile grids now only pin 1 column on the left to improve usability.
6/30/2022Workflow votes can now be combined with longer commentary in a single email.
6/28/2022First version of a Middle Office Trade Status tool for checking downstream, confirms, etc.
6/21/2022Sale Reason on Trades is now a standard data field, although choices can be customized per client.
6/20/2022Custom Columns can now have type HTML which includes rich text and embedded images.
6/16/2022We now calculate DM for loans.
6/15/2022Issuer and Security Description pages now have a link to all recent trades below Recent Activity.
6/10/2022You can now lock down views so that changes aren't persisted unless saved.
6/9/2022Clients with Covenant Review access can now view Composite Scores with full breakdowns.
6/3/2022You can now specify how many decimals to display on Decimal custom columns.
6/1/2022Bot security results come back sorted by price so that better quality results are near the top.
5/28/2022WSO integrations now track their Portfolio IDs, Counterparty IDs, Position IDs, Issuer IDs, and Asset IDs.
5/26/2022Recent Trades now show up alongside price history graphs.
5/24/2022The latest Credit Chat message now shows up on Issuer/Security landing pages.
5/23/2022Group By settings are now auto-saved along with all other view preferences.
5/20/2022Workflows can now be forced back to previous steps as well (Step 2 -> Step 6 -> Step 2 -> Step 3 etc.
5/19/2022Email attachments from Workflow replies now show up in the Pipeline Deal page as well.
5/17/2022Security search results now include Adj Moody's WARF, S&P Recovery, and YTM/WARF.
5/18/2022Portfolio Construction can run on the entire index at once.
5/12/2022Ratings now sort correctly (and not alphabetically) in grids.
5/11/2022Added Interest Treatment and Accrued Interest to Trades.
5/7/2022Added Depth and Liquidity as Security search results columns.
5/6/2022Holdings By Fund view now allows you to drag columns up to Group By, with subtotals.
5/4/2022Show amount complete and remain on Orders in the sidebar and main details screen.
4/29/2022Large images in chat can now be zoomed to 100% to make them easier to read.
4/25/2022Custom Columns linked to Issuers will now push updates in real-time to all grids across the system.
4/22/2022You can now pull up Files from the New Issue calendar.
4/21/2022There is now a quick [Delete] button on the main OMS spreadsheet.
4/21/2022New "I Cover" natural language search term to filter down to just the names that you are tagged as Analyst Coverage on.
4/20/2022Tagging an Analyst (or many) to a new deal now also adds them as Analyst Coverage on the Issuer. And if this coverage exists for a new deal, we'll populate it the other way as well.
4/19/2022New URL Financial types: URL, Percentage, and Date.
4/18/2022New URL Custom Column type. We can also now make any column Read Only for users.
4/15/2022You can now put USD, EUR, or GBP into natural language queries.
4/13/2022You can now have multiple allocation notes, each with a drop down of official reasons, optionally allowing manual override.
4/9/2022Allocation notes can now be saved on non-participating funds as well.
4/7/2022Added YTM to the pipeline screens.
4/6/2022Pipeline screens can now show bid/ask as well as 1D/7D/30D price moves.
4/5/2022Workflow emails are now in HTML, allowing embedding of core items like our auto-generated Relative Value table.
4/4/2022Workflow Transitions allow automated actions to happen when a Step or Task is started or completed.
3/31/2022New workflow email designer lets you preview templated messages on live data.
3/30/2022New option to require a comment anytime the allocation of a Trade is changed.
3/29/2022New "Person" Custom Column type provides options from users in your firm, and viewable by full name, first name, username or initials.
3/25/2022You can now pin the view that you want to default for your Company. You can choose if others can seamlessly fork it, or only if explicitly copied over.
3/24/2022The Trade Blotter was migrated to the new grid by default (better performance, better filtering, better UI).
3/22/2022Allocation vs. current Issuer holdings now works even if no security has been selected in a Trade or Order.
3/21/2022Users can now login with more than one email address.
3/18/2022New Trade Allocation method: "Clone" lets you copy the ratios from a prior Trade or open Order.
3/16/2022VCON matcher will automatically match to Open Orders in the OMS as well.
3/15/2022New column in trade blotter [Amount (net)] lets you quickly match buys vs. sells.
3/14/2022Companies can now choose to include preferred financial metrics in security search results.
3/11/2022New VCON matcher will automatically mark Trades as confirmed, or give you the opportunity to book them with one click.
3/10/2022Added a BWIC or OWIC alert to the top of the screen when a list is active in the market.
3/9/2022Improved Issuer Financials, now allowing each company to customize the metrics/layout as well as making Custom metric updates easier.
3/8/2022You now get sent straight to the first incomplete task when viewing a workflow, while at the same time being able to easily see all past and future tasks.
3/4/2022We now auto-create a Security if you just type in a CUSIP, ISIN or FIGI in the lightning bar.
3/3/2022You can now Edit your Posts in Credit Chat.
3/2/2022Chats started from a New Issue, Index Search, or within a Security DES page will always tag the related issuer.
3/1/2022You can now subscribe to Alerts for any Trade changes.
2/25/2022You can now see your Holdings in a name from the New Issue Calendar.
2/23/2022Holdings in the right sidebar now lets you toggle between $ and bps.
2/17/2022New [Axes ->] button on grids shows live pricing for the relevant Security.
2/15/2022You can now see the full change history of any Custom Columns.
2/11/2022v2 of Trade Impact shows B3/Caa buckets, has a better layout, and providers more trade level details.
2/10/2022We now show a Diversity Score in the Fund Dashboard, as well as a toggle to see Moody's Industries
2/8/2022New Trade Impact tool released in Beta. See how recent trading activity affected key fund metrics.
2/4/2022Workflow Tasks now display a running history of any Comments or Votes made by any user.
1/31/2022You can now Add To Pipeline for any Security in search results. Most fields will then be pre-populated.
1/28/2022We now display the "as of" date of Holdings, and warn in red if they are stale.
1/26/2022Holdings in the right sidebar now lets you drill down to funds.
1/21/2022Added more highlight colors for all spreadsheets.
1/20/2022Made it easier to update Quick Allocation names and descriptions.
1/19/2022The Pending Users admin page now shows Approved Users as well, with a last login date.
1/18/2022You can now lock down permissions for who can create/edit Funds, Quick Allocations, Custom Columns, Custom Issuers, and Custom Securities.
1/17/2022We have a new data provider that sends us the list of newly issued HY bonds so there should be much less lag on getting them in the system.
1/10/2022You can now directly embed business data into a Workflow Task, and make it Read Only, Read/Write, or Required.
1/13/2022Big Movers screens now just show TLs and Corporate Bonds by default to avoid the RC and equity noise.
12/30/2021Added Sums and Averages to all relevant columns in Security Search results (sum of holdings, average price, etc).
12/28/2021YAS button now available on Security Search results.
12/27/2021New User Administration Role allows a company to lock down new user creation in their domain.
12/16/2021We now show a Sum footer row for any Custom Column that has type Integer or Decimal.
12/13/2021New OMS Progress button lets you track who is working parts of an Order, how much could still be worked, etc.
12/10/2021New OMS Market Update on an Order quickly shows you recent price history, live axes, and movement since the Axe was created.
12/9/2021Recent Activity now includes Workflows whenever they change their Stage.
12/8/2021You can now opt into Fund level holdings on search results.
12/2/2021Added Recent Activity and Holdings information to Pipeline spreadsheet view.
12/1/2021We now track Moody's (mostly) and S&P (somewhat) industries for Issuers.
11/30/2021Transfer Fees and Closing Docs added to Loan Trades.
11/19/2021The first version of our Cash Manager lets you see T+0 cash and then pro-forma it for pending trades, orders, maturities, coupon payments, etc.
11/17/2021We now calculate YTM (Flat LIBOR) for Loans.
11/17/2021We now show the Agent Bank on the Security description page for Loans.
11/12/2021The Administrator app now offers a new location to manage all of your private Issuers and private Securitites.
11/9/2021Equity options can now be booked with either the standard OCC format or the bloomberg/figi ticker format.
11/8/2021You can now track the amount of cash in each Fund.
11/4/2021Pipeline Deals that an analyst is working on now show up on their Analyst home page.
11/3/2021New Issue alerts now have lots more information about the deal included.
11/2/2021You can now breeze through the New Issue Calendar and kick deals to the Pipeline, setting the Analyst and starting a Workflow, all without ever leaving the page.
11/1/2021You can now sign up for Alerts on every new Trade.
10/29/2021Now automatically view all recent comments across all New Issue deals (if there are any) when you pull up the calendar.
10/27/2021Any comments made about an item related to an Issuer will now show up in Recent Activity (a comment on News, New Issue, Trade, etc).
10/26/2021The menu bar was getting crowded with all of our functionality, so we made it collapse the sections (other than the current one) by default.
10/23/2021Show Holdings, Files, Rel Val, and combined Issuer chart on the Issuer DES page.
10/22/2021LEPrecon jobs now have user defined notes for the client file and provider file.
10/21/2021The SOFR CSA (credit spread adjustment) is now it's own column in Primary Deals.
10/20/2021Lots of performance optimizations for some pages that had become slow as our dataset scaled over time.
10/12/2021Workflow Tasks can now be assigned to the initiator of that specific workflow instance.
10/11/2021Chat threads parsed from emails will now show inline images exactly as they look in Outlook.
10/8/2021Added auto-tagging of Investment Committee mentions
10/7/2021New Order Generator lets you fine tune an order by fund weights, by family.
9/27/2021Orders created from the New Issue Calendar can now by linked to a Hypo Scenario which will use all the latest spread, ratings, price talk.
9/25/2021Orders created from the New Issue Calendar get linked so that they get the right Security if one hadn't been created yet.
9/24/2021Added support for SOFR+CAS loans in the New Issue Calendar and Security master (there aren't any yet, but that will change soon).
9/23/2021Added Issuer Custom Data to the New Issue Loan Calendar.
9/21/2021Added Issuer Custom Data to the Index Search and Pipeline Deal screens.
9/20/2021You can now re-order Custom Columns
9/17/2021Added Issuer Custom Data to the Issuer and Security DES screens.
9/16/2021Compliance Results can now include Maintain or Improve for specific tests.
9/15/2021You can now schedule reports that pull any view of the New Issue Table, Trade Blotter, or OMS Order list. With PDF or HTML attachments.
9/14/2021Brand new look and feel for the public facing pages.
9/13/2021New shortcut to see Recent Trades in a name via right click from calendar, search, bwic, etc.
9/10/2021Add a Print button to every spreadsheet.
9/9/2021You can now setup multiple views for each table and pull in another user's view as well.
9/8/2021Lightning Bar search results now include Funds and Fund Families.
9/7/2021First version of a WSO Trade integration.
9/3/2021New Deal Analytics. See your hit and fill rates by dealer, sponsor, deal type, or analyst.
9/1/2021When you change the type of a Custom Column, we'll go in and parse anything we can to the new type automatically (450k, 1mm, etc).
8/28/2021Custom Columns can now be Dates, Integers, Decimals, as well as Text or Long Text.
8/27/2021First version of an Allvue Trade integration.
8/25/2021All grids now support sorting by up to 3 columns. Double click to get your least important sort right, then your next most important, then finally your most important.
8/23/2021LEPrecon is now smart about pointing out Trade Breaks, including native understanding of ClearPar reports.
8/18/2021LEPrecon now lets you filter out just rows/cells with breaks or just row/cells with unhandled breaks.
8/16/2021The Pipeline audit trail now includes Workflow details. Workflow Task instructions can now include live data from the underlying data objects.
8/13/2021Pipeline Deals can now have an Order attached to each Security, which can be allocated, run compliance checks, etc.
8/12/2021Allow Workflows to be started from Pipeline Summary Screen. Also create a Pipeline Dashboard.
8/11/2021First version of a fully customizable Workflow Engine. Right now just for use in the Pipeline.
8/2/2021New Report showing Holdings by Asset Type.
7/30/2021Model Portfolio Ramp Compare now allows you to choose any columns, download to excel, etc.
7/29/2021You can now view existing Holdings and Recent Activity from the New Issue Calendar via Right Click or Buttons.
7/28/2021You can now 1) create a Pipeline Deal from a Primary Deal, 2) View Holdings, 3) View Activity.
7/27/2021Add Approved Date, Approved By, and Approved Amount to Pipeline Deals. Also made Pipeline list views customizable.
7/26/2021Users can now update the column mappings, types, and match rules in LEPrecon.
7/23/2021Updated version of the Portfolio Ramp Monitor shows much more in depth information to compare your Mock vs. your Ramp in 5 scenarios.
7/21/2021You can now set a Target Assets for Funds.
7/16/2021New Portfolio Attribution starts with a Brinson comparison vs. the index, by sector, then allows a further drilldown.
7/15/2021Weighted Average Entry Price is now a calculated Fund Metric.
7/14/2021Entry Price and Cost are now available as metrics in the compliance engine.
7/13/2021Natural Language Search now tells you the full number of results available.
7/12/2021Mock Portfolios can now be started by duplicating all the holdings and sizes from any Fund.
7/7/2021LEPrecon can now fuzzy match amounts within 5.0 and dates within 15 days.
6/30/2021You can now book a Trade or create an Order for any security in Index Search results.
6/29/2021New LevPro logo replaces the flying SuperTrader. A little sad to see him go.
6/28/2021Sell from Holdings (or Sell Order from Holdings) allows you to select fund-by-fund what you want to do.
6/21/2021New Ramp Monitor helps you compare a Mock Portfolio to an actual Fund that you are trying to ramp.
6/18/2021LEPrecon will now show the client/provider values of all cells, not just those with a break. This is helpful for Ignored Columns, fuzzy match rules, and those with aliases.
6/17/2021New Portfolio Construction goes live in beta. Compare a Fund or Mock Portfolio to the index and easily update weightings individually. Very powerful but easy to use.
6/9/2021LEPrecon now has a page to view just the comments made about breaks, with an easy export to Excel or copy/paste for email.
6/9/2021LEPrecon now allows you to set a column as high priority, coloring it red and summarizing the count.
6/8/2021Trade and Order history now show allocation details.
6/7/2021Trade view now shows more allocation details, including allowing update fund-level notes.
6/5/2021New Theoretical Trade tool will show you what an allocation will look like without needing to create a trade first.
6/4/2021LEPrecon dashboard can now focus on a single job, as well as all jobs combined.
6/3/2021LEPrecon now lets you manually upload two new files to re-run a job. You can also close the right popout menu by hitting the Esc key.
6/2/2021LEPrecon will now show the absolute difference in a break. It will also provide handy links to a DES page (both LevPro and Bloomberg) for security field breaks.
5/31/2021LEPrecon now handles Moodys and S&P industries (by code or name) and also does fuzzy matching on Issuer names.
5/25/2021Lean & Mean Mode - for customers that don't have the required data license but still want to use our calendar.
5/24/2021Alerts for all new orders created within your company are available.
5/21/2021Teasing a VERY early beta of our Financials data that is part of our Research Tools.
5/20/2021Quick Allocations will now hide all unrelated funds, making the UI easier for PMs to input orders.
5/19/2021Add the Replacement Tool to the New Issue Calendar.
5/18/2021View the original run from Axe Stream (click on three dots for the link). Also get alerts when a live Axe matches an Order.
5/17/2021"Add To Hypo" option available when running an index search.
5/14/2021NEW NAME! Rebranding some items from SuperTrader to LevPro
5/13/2021Large update to LEPrecon, now allows file pre-cleaners, variable column types based on other row items, variable value multipliers, etc.
5/10/2021Winners, Losers, and Movers reports can now be for only names "I own"
5/6/2021Add Custom Columns to the replacement tool.
5/5/2021Add Transaction Type to the New Issue calendar to track if something is a Refi, M&A, LBO, etc.
5/4/2021First version of LEPrecon, the middle office data recon tool.
4/28/2021Handle Sell Short, Buy Cover, Sell Protection, Buy Protection for trades.
4/27/2021Handle equity options better, including auto-parsing/creating them from Order/Trade input.
4/22/2021Move recent searches to the left of the lightning bar, so they're always available.
4/21/2021New Replacement Tool - helps you find the perfect replacement for a specific buy or sell.
4/16/2021Bringing Best Ideas out of beta.
4/15/2021You can now view the history of changes to an Order from the details page.
4/14/2021You can now add file attachments to a Pipeline Deal.
4/13/2021Bulk uploads can now be in legacy XLS or Excel XML format, in addition to XLSX.
3/30/2021Now see your recent searches in Index Query and click the star to save any of them.
3/29/2021Quickly add a security to a Portfolio from Index Search via the Add Button or a right click.
3/26/2021Mock Portfolio improvements: you can now delete a Portfolio, and add/delete holdings
3/25/2021New Compliance Rule built in to check for Cross Trades with configurable windows.
3/24/2021View Recent Activity from Index Search by right clicking on a row -> Activity.
3/24/2021Allow a Mock Portfolio/Watchlist to be used as a filter for the index search.
3/23/2021Update natural language Index Search to return a spreadsheet, allowing custom columns and saved views.
3/19/2021Compliance Status now always shows as Red/Yellow/Green.
- The initial screen for allocations will be the list of Quick Allocations, if you have created any here.
3/18/2021Add Trade Direction (buy/sell) as a Filter for Compliance Rules. builder
3/17/2021Launch an improved Compliance Engine that allows you to create very complicated rules based on Issuer, Security, or trade Attributes
3/16/2021Add historical YTM as an option to the price graphs.
- Add a filter for 3M, 6M, 1Y
3/15/2021First version of a Sell Side portal with limited functionality.
3/12/2021Right click on a Trade or Order to view full allocation details or compliance test results popup on the right.
3/12/2021The Trade and Order exports now include custom columns that were set on the applicable Security.
3/10/2021Bug fix: grid cells now always wrap long text in custom columns.
3/9/2021Quick Trade and Quick Order entry (tt [enter] or oo [enter]) now allow quick allocations to be applied.
3/8/2021Favorite Funds by clicking a star here. These will now be default filters for Portfolio Tools.
3/5/2021Order To Buy or Order To Sell from Holdings page
3/4/2021Re-allocate a trade in the background if the size or direction is changed.
2/26/2021Support "rating higher than" in natural language search
2/25/2021Allow Orders and Trades to be pre-allocated even if there is no Security setup yet.
2/25/2021Index search can now treat libor floors as numbers (libor floor between .5 and 1)
2/25/2021Quick Allocations - pre-create and then apply to a Trade or Order with one click.
2/23/2021New column "Families" in Orders and Trades screens which lists the Fund Families this has been allocated to.